PST’s Training division uses experienced instructors, each with decades of experience in their particular field, as the directors and leaders for our trainings.  In addition to teaching the mandatory material, our instructors 

incorporate their own stories of topic-related successes and failures into the training - a tool we have found to be very effective and successful for information retention.   


We also strongly encourage active participation and involvement throughout the course or training, as peers often provide valuable and insightful perspectives, and offer both group and individual training sessions to best fit a variety of learning styles and abilities.

The following are just a sampling of the types of training PST offers.  


  • Beginning ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 

  • Intermediate ICS, 300, 400, 402 

  • Advanced ICS 341, 440 

  • G-191 ICS/EOC Interface Workshop 

  • Case Studies 

  • Security Training 

  • Facility Security Officer Courses 


  • Safety Training 

  • Emergency Plans Training 

  • Public Health Related Training Course  

For more information regarding PST's Training services, the complete list of trainings

available, or to inquire about a specific training, contact Chris Curatilo 

  • Customized 2 hour – full day courses

    • Unified Command

    • Command Staff

    • General Staff (non-certificated)