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Over the years, PST has become increasingly involved with Public Health Programs due to our team’s recruitment of an MPH. We have developed and updated Public Health Plans, created the State of Hawaii's Ebola Plan, conducted trainings and exercises, implemented the State of Hawaii’s Zika Plan, developed the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health All Hazards Emergency Response Plan and more. 
PST's services demonstrate the company’s depth and breadth of experience, and we continue to support customers in their Public Health Training needs.

PST's Public Health work:


  • Zika/Mosquito-Borne Disease Response Training and Exercise 

  • 2017 Department of Hawaii Infectious Diseases Conference

  • City Department of Health Mass Casualty, Decontamination, and Medical Surge Exercise 

  • Ebola Fatality Management Tabletop Exercise  

  • Hawaii HDOH Hospital PIO Ebola TTX  

  • Hawaii HDOH DOC Functional Exercise 

  • US Port TTX

  • Hawaii HDOH Medical Reserve Corps Na lima Functional Exercise 

  • City Disaster Recovery TTX 

  • Hawaii State Department of Health AHERP Trainings  

  • Hawaii State Department of Health DOC SOG Trainings  

  • Hawaii State Department of Health DOC ICS Trainings  

  • Hawaii State Department of Health PHP Planning Section Training

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