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PST's entrance into the Preparedness and Response industry began in the Maritime world.  Facilities, vessels,  fuel transfer operations, cargo transfer operations, and the crews that operate all these have procedures  and plans that must, by law in most cases, be maintained, reviewed, updated, and distributed. 


The PST team is made up of professionals in the industry that have worked on both the regulatory and the private side. With the expertise and the reach back capability PST has, we’re certain we can meet your needs or provide  the guidance to help your crew be self supportive in-house. 

PST Maritime work:


  • Rebranding and updating all of Oil Refinery Facility Response Plans 

  • Shipping Company Limited Facility Security Plans and company wide Threat Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Oil Refinery National Exercise for Response Program Annual Full Scale Exercise  

  • Oil Refinery Nawiliwili TTX with Equipment Deployment 

  • US Port TTX  

  • Oil Refinery TTX with Equipment Deployment

  • Shipping Company TTX Security Breach 

  • Military InstallationTank Functional Exercise 

  • Petroleum Industry Molokai Exercise 

  • Oil Maui Functional Exercise 

  • US Port Full Scale Earthquake Exercise 

  • US Port Communications Drill 

  • US Port Evacuation Drill 

  • City Active Shooter and MCI Full Scale Exercise 

  • Metro City MARTA TTX 

  • City Disaster Recovery TTX 

  • US Port Rogue Vessel Functional Exercise 

  • International “Black Swan” Mass Rescue Full Scale Exercise 

  • US Port Emergency Response Plan Training  

  • Shipping CompanyMedia/Social Media Training 

  • Navy Kauai Pacific Missile Firing Range Functional Exercise  

  • US Port General Operational Awareness Training  

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