When an incident does occur, it’s critical for efficiency to move from a reactive phase to a proactive approach.  PST knows what it takes to make that transition. We can provide support in either a “Shadow Team”

capacity or by filling critical positions from Incident Commander to Division and

Group Supervisors.  

PST knows how to integrate with its clients and regulators to control, resolve, or manage your situation.


We bring in the right people with the experience and background that will best match the situation.  Everyone that works under the PST banner is well known to PST’s owner and typically has a long history of working

with Mr. Curatilo. 


PST can support the following positions during a response:


  • QI 

  • IC or member on the UC 

    • Liaison, Safety 

  • OSC (or Deputy) 

    • Group or Division Supervisors for fieldwork 

  • PSC (or Deputy) 

    • Situation, Resources, Documentation, Environmental, Decon, Demob, MTSRU, Technical Specialist 

For more information regarding PST's On-Site Emergency Response Support

services, contact Chris Curatilo