Preparedness Services and Training (PST) LLC, was founded by

Chris Curatilo and started operations in 2014.


Mr. Curatilo has over 30 years of emergency response, security,

and preparedness expertise.  He retired from the United States

Coast Guard in 2007 with extensive experience in emergency

response, security, and safety over a broad spectrum of industries.

His primary focus is in the maritime world, all of which involve

plan development, drills, exercises, and National Incident

Management System (NIMS) training.


Over the years he has expanded well beyond the maritime environment to include mass transit and inland hazardous materials assessments. More recently, PST has brought on Public Health experts with similar experience

to expand PST’s overall market reach.


In addition to numerous safety certifications, training certifications, and expertise gained through holding critical response positions throughout the country, Mr. Curatilo couples his experience with a Masters of Science in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management from Eastern Kentucky University.